Posted by Carlo Briosi on Thursday April 4th, 2019

Join us at the 2019 Italian Women in IP Networking events!

We are thrilled to be hosting the 2019 Italian Women in IP Networking events, bringing together women who practise IP law or whose business regularly involves IP issues.

Italian 2019 Women in IP Networking Events

The 13th Women in IP Networking event is to take place on 4 April 2019.

Organized by the Women in the IP Law Subcommittee of the  American Intellectual Property Law Association  (AIPLA), the Women in IP Networking Event meeting takes place at the same time all over the world: a unique and exciting day for women working in IP to connect and share.

The Italian events of the day will take place simultaneously near Verona (Sant’Ambrogio Valpolicella) and in Milan.

The Verona event is to be held at the Consorzio di Tutela dei Vini Valpolicella, and will have “Innovation in wine, vineyards and beyond” as the main theme of the day.

Starting at 4.30 pm, this event is hosted in the majestic Villa Brenzoni Bassani, the Consorzio’s headquarters, in Viale del Marmo, 9 in Sant’Ambrogio Valpolicella (Verona).

Following the traditional video conference with other women in IP Networking Events worldwide, we will be tasting the wines of the Valpolicella Consortium along with light refreshments.

The Milan event, beginning at 5.30 pm at the Achille Castiglioni Foundation in Piazza Castello 27, will take the form of a “Conversation between design and copyright”.

We will be visiting to the historical residence of the Foundation and sharing an aperitivo cocktail.


Join us at the 2019 Italian Women in IP Networking Events!

Please contact us if you’d like further information.


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