Posted by Laura Ercoli on Sunday March 13th, 2016

Contributing to the ASIPI Aruba 2016 Seminar on Anticounterfeiting

Lorenzo Litta

Lorenzo Litta

Lorenzo Litta will be at the ASIPI Aruba 2016, the Seminar on Anticounterfeiting of the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property taking place in Aruba 13-15 March 2016.

Lorenzo, who will be participating in ASIPI meetings both as President of the association’s IP & Sport Law Committee and as Member of its Board of Directors, is also contributing to the event as speaker.

On 14 March Lorenzo will talk to attendees about “Sneaky criminals: Counterfeiting through the web, notice and take down” focusing on how new technologies and online shopping opportunities have made it all too easy to sell and buy counterfeits and created an ever-increasing challenge for trademark owners.

Should you wish to make contact with Lorenzo during the event, please contact us.

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