Posted by Laura Ercoli on Monday February 22nd, 2016

On the UNreal campaign trail in Rome with INTA

Why spend time discussing  counterfeiting with high school students?

Because they are an important part of  both the problem and the solution.

That’s why Lorenzo Litta will be talking to 150 students at Rome’s Visconti high school  on 22 February 2016 about just how dangerous counterfeits can be and what they can do about it.Students

The event is part of the UNreal Campaign  an awareness program run by INTA (International Trademark Association) that aims to teach young people about the risks posed by fakes, the value of trademarks and the importance of buying genuine products. Lorenzo Litta is Chair of the UNreal Campaign European Subcommittee.

Supported by sponsors, the campaign consists in awareness activities such as development of digital content, video blogs, targeting of information to teens as well as student events such as the one in Rome.

During this session, Lorenzo will be engaging with the students about what a trademark is and what a powerful message it can carry across borders and language barriers, why counterfeiting affects us all, and why young people should be aware of the problem.

Everyone will be able to join in a fake-spotting game and learn how to tell a counterfeit from an original.

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