Posted by Laura Ercoli on Friday June 4th, 2021

How to choose a registrable pharmaceutical trademark: lecture at Pavia University

How do you choose a pharmaceutical trademark that meets registrability requirements?

Barbara Besati

Students of the G. Benzi masters degree in regulatory affairs of the University of Pavia are going to find out on 4 June 2021 when trademark attorney Barbara Besati holds her online lecture on the subject.

Barbara will focus first of all on the requirements that a sign must meet in general in order to be registrable as a trademark, and will expand on what kinds of registration are available.

Moving on to pharmaceutical trademarks in particular, Barbara will review the notions of strong and weak trademark, the criteria for the assessment of novelty with regard both to the registration of pharmaceutical trademarks and to the marketing authorisation, and finally she will explain the notion of trademark lapse for lack of use.

It’s always rewarding to engage with the students of the G. Benzi masters, and we are always proud to contribute to the training of professional figures in regulatory affairs that are in high demand both in the private sector and in public bodies dealing in the health and industrial sectors.

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