Posted by Laura Ercoli on Sunday June 3rd, 2018

Attending the FICPI World Congress 2018 in Toronto

Our partner Antonio Mario Pizzoli is to take part in the FICPI World Congress 2018 happening in Toronto 3-10 June.FICPI World Congress 2018

Founded in 1906, FICPI  (Fédération Internationale des Conseils en Propriété Intellectuelle) is one of the main international intellectual property attorneys association.

Its aim is to enhance international cooperation within the profession in private practice and to promote the training and continuing education of its members and others interested in intellectual property protection.

The theme of the FICPI World Congress 2018 concerns the changes that intellectual property practitioners are facing.

A lot of these changes are driven by the fast developments in some areas of technology, particularly by the continuing evolution and application of artificial intelligence.

Changes in technology bring changes in intellectual property and its value: discussions will focus on how to assist clients in determining the value of intellectual property rights, and how to adapt intellectual property practice to deal with those changes.

Should you wish to arrange a meeting with Antonio Mario in Toronto, please email us.

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