Posted by Laura Ercoli on Thursday April 7th, 2022

Our WIPNE 2022 event: yoga and meditation for women in IP

We’re excited and proud to be hosting the Italian get-together of the AIPLA Women in IP Global Networking Event – WIPNE 2022.donne proprietà intellettuale

Organised by the Women IP Law Subcommittee of the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA), the Women in IP Networking Event is a unique and memorable moment bringing together women worldwide who are intellectual property practitioners or whose business it is to be involved with intellectual property issues.

This year’s theme is “Being happy and healthy in our work”, and at SIB we’re taking that really seriously, given the challenging times we are all experiencing.

That’s why we have chosen to engage with the City ZEN yoga center in Milan and focus our event on acquiring techniques for developing motivation and concentration, reducing stress and anxiety, all aimed at achieving physical and mental balance.

So join us for a one-hour yoga and meditation session! An expert instructor will introduce us to a set of exercises that can help us to achieve a new balance and improve personal and professional life, as we take part the WIPNE global networking experience of women professionals in IP.

The event is taking place on

7 April 2022

1:00 p.m. CEST (Milan time) / 7:00 a.m. EST

  • in person at the City ZEN yoga center in Milan (numbers for attendance in person are limited)
  • online on Zoom®.

To join the event, either in person or online, contact us at [email protected]

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon at the WIPNE 2022 event in Italy!

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