Posted by Laura Ercoli on Monday January 16th, 2023

Italy and intellectual property: statistical highlights

Latest WIPO statistics show a 66% growth of international design filings by Italian residents; trademark applications also grew by 36% for Italian trademarks and 11% for international registrations; no substantial changes in patent and utility model application figures.


Here are a few quick highlights from the intellectual property filing statistics for Italy recently published eithter by the Italian Patent and Trademark office (IPTO) or by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in its recent IP Facts and Figures 2022 and World Intellectual Property Indicators 2022.


The IPTO recorded just over 11,000 patent applications and about 2,000 utility model applications 2021, with little change on the previous year. The IPTO also validated in Italy about 36,000 European patents. Globally, Italy is among WIPO’s top 15 origins for resident patent applications, both per USD 100 billion GDP (13th place) and per million population (14th place).


In 2021 the IPTO received 48,700 new trademark applications, up 36% on the previous year, and 22,100 renewals, up 18%.

Italy was the 8th largest user of the Madrid System in 2021 after the USA, Germany, China, France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Japan with 3,205 applications, up 11.3% on the previous year.

Designsregistrazione internazionale design

The IPTO is ranked by WIPO 10th intellectual property office for international activity, with applications received in 2021 containing over 26,600 designs, up 5.2% on the previous year. Italy recorded the 4th highest resident design count (number of designs in applications) per USD 100 billion GDP after China, N. Korea and Turkey, and was the 3rd largest user of The Hague system for the international registration of designs, after Germany and the USA, with 2,046 applications, up 66.2% on the previous year. The three top industries in design applications originated from Italy were Textiles and accessories, Transport and Furniture and household goods.

Geographical indications

Italy had 5,868 registered Geographical Indications (GIs) in force in 2021, up 1.6% on 2020, and ranked 4th internationally, after Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, for GI registrations in force; Italy was also the 2nd largest user, after France, of the Lisbon system for the international registration of appellations of origin and geographical indications.

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