Posted by Laura Ercoli on Wednesday May 31st, 2023

SIB is ISO certified

We are pleased to announce that SIB Società Italiana Brevetti S.p.A. has achieved certification of its Quality (ISO 9001), Environmental (ISO 14001) and Occupational health and safety (ISO 45001) management system.Certificazione ISO

The certification, awarded by the certification body Bureau Veritas recognised by the Italian accreditation body Accredia, guarantees that the results of our firm’s commitment to constantly improve the standards of quality, environmental sustainability, health and safety of our processes and services have undergone a full external and independent audit.

The principles guiding our firm’s management and orienting our work are stated in our Integrated Policy — Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work.

Main benefits for our clients and associates

  • Continuous improvement is built into the ISO standard, ensuring constant development and enhancement of our services.
  • ISO certification confirms that principles concerning quality, environmental sustainability, occupational health and safety are respected and implemented in practice according to internationally recognised standards.

For further information on any aspect of our ISO certification, and on the benefits for you as a client, please contact us.

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