Posted by Laura Ercoli on Monday January 22nd, 2024

Meet us at the 2024 Pharma and Biotech Patent Litigation EU Summit in Amsterdam

Pharma and Biotech Patent Litigation

Our partner Paolo Di Giovine, European Patent Attorney and European Patent Litigator, and SIB Lex partner Mario Pozzi, Attorney-at-law and Unified Patent Court Representative, are attending the 2024 Pharma and Biotech Patent Litigation EU Summit taking place in Amsterdam, 23-24 January 2024. On 22 January, the summit is to host the UPC Patent Court Litigation Forum, a one-day cross-industry meeting for leading litigators and patent attorneys, in-house counsel and judges to review the early-stage experience of the Unified Patent Court.

Both Paolo and Mario are open to scheduling meetings during the event; should you wish to arrange an appointment, please contact them via LinkedIn

Contact Paolo Di Giovine via LinkedIn
Contact Mario Pozzi via LinkedIn

The summit takes a practical approach to discussing the leading patent litigation topics in Europe, adopting a “compare and contrast” method with other jurisdictions, with a view to offering a global understanding of the patent litigation ecosphere; sessions will focus on practical tools as well as on litigation strategies in biotech patent litigation, and there will be updates on European Union central case law and regulatory matters as well as mock trials.

We are looking forward to the summit’s opportunities to discuss, share and network.

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