Strategies / Overview

“Investments in intellectual property must be planned and managed following a strategic vision and relying on timely information, efficient tools, specific expertise and bespoke service.”

Strategies-OverviewIntangible assets are playing an increasingly important role in the economy.
Developing an intellectual property strategy that will enhance the value of the enterprise and strengthen its competitive position requires specialised advice and specific services.

Our firm offers specific counsel and a complete range of services to exploit and increase the value of intellectual property rights: we develop management programs for intellectual property portfolios , carry out intelligence operations such as searches and watches or Freedom to Operate analyses, and take care of all the economic and legal aspects of intellectual property transactions, including valuations , due diligence and agreements concerning technology transfers and licensing.

As business consultants, we are in a position to understand the needs of businesses at all levels, from macro objectives to internal organisation issues. That’s why we are able to suggest and arrange many kinds of service according to the client’s specific needs.

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