Strategies / Tech transfer and licensing

“The transfer of intellectual property rights is an important economic and strategic opportunity, requiring specific expertise and advice.”

Strategies-Tech transfer and licensingIn an increasingly knowledge-based economic system, technology transfers and in general all forms of exploitation of intellectual property rights are growing in terms of both quantity and value.

From selling intellectual property rights to licensing, franchising and distribution agreements aiming to make a profit from the right while maintaining its property, each of these transactions is a precious opportunity for enterprises to extract value from their intellectual property portfolio or enter into new partnerships.

The negotiation and drafting of agreements concerning such transactions is therefore extremely significant both economically and strategically. That is why specific expertise is essential, as well as a comprehensive vision of the intellectual property portfolio and of the enterprise’s broader marketing objectives.

Our services

We advise clients on all aspects of agreements concerning the transfer or license of intellectual property rights aiming at return on investment in any kind of adequately protected innovation.

We negotiate license, distribution and franchising agreements and draft the relevant agreements.

We revise existing agreements.

We handle the registration of agreements with the Italian Patent and Trademark Office.

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