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“Copyrights can have a considerable economic meaning for any kind of enterprise.”

Copyright-OverviewThere are companies whose value is based primarily on copyright, for instance in the media and entertainment or software industries.

But then almost all companies produce original works that give rise to copyrights.

Copyright arises automatically upon creation of any work that possesses a minimum of creativity, from photos to videos, texts, advertising material or web sites, from plans to software, from the shape of a product to packaging – just to quote a few examples.

Whether or not your core business is copyright, recognising and managing copyrights as a valuable part of an intellectual property portfolio can bring substantial benefits.

That is why it is advisable to consult an intellectual property expert who is able to identify copyrights and point out their economic potential within the global framework of a business development plan.

We advise many kinds of businesses on the protection and exploitation of their investments in original productions.

Our counsel is wide-ranging and covers the legal aspects and negotiation of licensing agreements and assignments as well as copyrights in the digital world.

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