Universities/Research Organisations

“Research and intellectual property protection sometimes have different priorities; it’s easier to reconcile them when your IP attorney is able to share a researcher’s point of view.”

Universities/Research Organisations

Some of the world’s foremost universities and research centres trust us to advise and assist them in intellectual property matters.

This kind of organisation has very specific priorities, that can sometimes conflict with the need to avoid disclosures destroying the novelty of potentially patentable matter. Moreover, most research is done in cooperation with an international network of researchers, experts, external consultants and suppliers, and this can pose problems for the attribution of the paternity of any patentable results.

We have experience in dealing with such issues and rely on attorneys with a specific background in the main technical sectors in which research is carried out. This enables us to be on the same wavelength as researchers, and thus to devise solutions that match their real priorities.

Understanding research goals helps us to devise better strategies for all aspects of patenting: from managing rights on shared information to preliminary advice on the disclosure of results, to engaging with research funding or possible buyers for innovative technologies.