“Innovative start-ups work in dynamic and constantly evolving sectors. Protecting their innovation ensures their future growth.”

Innovative start-ups originate from an innovative idea that sometimes aims to revolutionise a sector with the force of creativity, technical competence and enthusiasm.


Often, though, start-ups rely on limited financial resources, and are in danger of seeing their ideas copied by more organised companies that are able to bring innovative products or services to market very rapidly.

By using intellectual property rights to protect their innovations, start-ups can raise solid barriers against potential competitors and take the time they need to develop the commercial side of their projects.

Moreover, protecting innovation adequately makes start-ups and their equity more attractive to whoever might be interested in investing in their business models, from venture capitalists to business angels.

Innovative start-ups work in dynamic and constantly evolving sectors, but often they on limited financial resources.

That is why we help start-ups enhance the value of their technological innovation assets and assist them as they grow, following the best practices that allow them to acquire adequate, yet affordable protection.