Patents / Plant breeders’ rights

“Obtaining exclusive rights on a new plant variety is an essential condition for commercial exploitation.”

Patents-Plant breeders’ rights

Creating a new plant variety requires the deployment of considerable human and economic resources, and every breeder knows that this effort must be followed by providing the best conditions for marketing the variety.

Protecting intellectual property rights on the plant variety is an important part of those conditions.

Protecting plant breeders’ rights has the double advantage of offering a means to fight unlawful breeding and marketing and of making the exclusive rights on the variety transferrable.

The protection of the plant breeder’s rights will obviously start from a strategic vision that pursues market success of the individual variety while taking account of the enterprise’s objectives as well as of the possibility of exploiting the right both directly and indirectly.

We believe that beyond the strategic aspect, breeders need to rely on overall assistance during each phase of their interaction with the complex bureaucratic system that manages the grant of protection for plant varieties, from liaising with examiners to any problem that can arise during the procedure.

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